Diabetes Behind Closed Doors – Webcast

Diabetes affects every part of someone’s life and can create issues that can be difficult to discuss with family, friends or health care providers. These sensitive issues may be embarrassing but are very important to discuss as many of these conditions are treatable.

People with diabetes may experience problems with bladder and bowel control. This may include accidental leakage, frequency, urgency, urinary tract infections and weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Excessive urine output, often associated with high blood glucose levels, also impacts bladder control. These high blood glucose levels play a part in an increased tendency for infections. Diabetes can also lead to sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction in men and other conditions in women due to nerve damage or high blood glucose levels.

Sleep, or lack of, can affect blood glucose metabolism and sleep difficulties are more common in people living with diabetes. Additionally, there are interesting relationships between sleep problems like sleep apnoea and restless legs syndrome and diabetes.


National Diabetes Week Seminar – Diabetes Behind Closed Doors


Saturday 8 July 2017


9.30am – 12.30pm


Adelaide Convention Centre, City Rooms 1 & 2, North Terrace, Adelaide

Guest speakers

Dr Ian Tucker, Urogynaecologist – Diabetes, Continence and Women’s Health

Dr Chris Rayner, Gastroenterologist – Nutrition-based studies in diabetes

Dr Kim Pese, Urologist – Diabetes, Continence and Sexual Health

Dr Siobhan Banks, Sleep Scientist – Diabetes and Sleep

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