Health Professional Seminar – Latest Evidence with a Person-Centred Care Approach

Presenting new research and best practise information on artificial sweeteners, diabetes medications and psychological health in a person-centred care context. Three expert speakers showcased the latest evidence ensuring we provide people living with diabetes current information for optimal decision making.


Health Professionals Seminar — Latest Evidence with a Person-Centred Care Approach


Friday 25 May 2018


9.30am – 12.30pm


Adelaide Convention Centre, City Rooms 1 & 2, North Terrace, Adelaide

Guest speakers

Professor Richard Young, Theme Leader SAHMRI – University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Richard Young shedded some light on the often-asked question of ‘sweetener vs sugar’?” His research explores the effect of sweeteners on the gastrointestinal system and glucose absorption, assessing the overall impact on diabetes management.

Dr Ana McCarthy, Obstetric Medicine Registrar – Lyell McEwin Hospital

Dr Ana McCarthy presented the advances in practice with diabetes medications. She brought her latest diabetes medication information and practice recommendations as she shares practice progress in advanced endocrine medicine.

Dr Christel Hendrickx, Psychologist – Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

Dr Christel Hendrickx, author of ‘Diabetes and Emotional Health: A handbook for health professionals supporting adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes’, will discuss the question: Do you need to be a psychologist to provide psychological care?

Primary Health Network Representative

Health Care Homes is a transformative approach to caring for people with chronic disease in a primary health or general practice settings. Adelaide PHN staff will present a case study on how this approach to care can benefit people with type 2 diabetes and improve access to a wider variety of health care team members.

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