Understanding Diabetes Complications – Webcast

Looking after your diabetes and having regular health check-ups may help to prevent the development of diabetes-related complications. These complications can occur in both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, so it is very important to understand your body and your diabetes to help prevent possible health issues from occurring in the future.


National Diabetes Week Seminar – Understanding Diabetes Complications


Saturday 16 July  2016




Adelaide Festival Centre, Banquet Room, King William Road, Adelaide.

Guest speakers

Dr Matthew Worthley, Cardiologist

Dr Matthew Worthley discusses the different types of cardiovascular disease, how people with diabetes have an increased risk of contracting heart disease and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent it from occurring.

Dr Chris Rayner, Gastroenterologist

Dr Chris Rayner provides information about how diabetes can affect the digestive system via stomach problems (gastroparesis), oesophageal problems (reflux) and small and large intestine problems (diarrhoea, constipation).

Miriam Henke, Psychologist

Psychologist Miriam Henke presents some very important information about diabetes and psychological wellbeing. Miriam discussed diabetes and grief, anxiety, depression, shame and guilt, the pressure of diabetes self-management and the support that is available to people living with diabetes and these issues.

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